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Kinequus uses thermo-moldable technology

KINEQUUS custom orthotic pads use an exciting new technology in the saddle pad industry. Thermo-moldable technology encompasses the use of special materials within the pad. When heated to a specific temperature these materials mold, filling in all the gaps and escaping from areas of pressure. The impression is permanent once cooled.

SchoellerThe end result is a custom orthotic fit between the wool felt and the bottom of your saddle, where the material is placed. The custom orthotic impression ensures an even distribution of pressure between the rigid under side of your saddle and the dynamic surface of your horses back. The molded material retains its ability to absorb shock over the now perfectly symmetrical surface under you saddle. These properties coupled with the assets of SAE standardized wool felt mean unsurpassed comfort for your horse, allowing for unrestricted and uninhibited movement, and ride after ride.

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Open versus closed cell foam

Foams in general come in 2 basic types: Open and Closed cell foams. Closed cell foams have a very tight grain and feel elastic, whereas open cell foams have small holes and look grainy and feel friable. Both types of foams have poor compression ratings, meaning they don’t hold up to repeated compression events well. Open cell foam is typically used as a filler, having extremely poor protection from compression, and will typically compress to the point where they don’t interfere with saddle fit by being too thick. Closed cell foam doesn’t compress as easily and can lead to pressure points.

Our products unique properties are owed to high quality specialized foam combinations which are incorporated into every saddle pad.

Kinequus utilizes Ultralon’s cross-linked polyethylene foam which is proprietary for our use in equestrian equipment. This hybridized closed cell foam has many exciting properties distinguishing it from other foam types. This specialty foam has a high compression set, making it ideal for orthotic applications. Ultralon’s specialty foams are thermo-formable and resistant to packing out and are very durable. Pressure points aren’t a problem because each pad is custom molded to your specific horse and saddle combination.